Staff Profile
Eric William Guest
Eric William Guest

Present occupation:
Chairman – School of Applied Non Destructive Examination cc, since 1st January 1981.

Educational Background summarised:
Graduate member of British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing via acceptable education in chemistry, physics, metallurgy and mathematics, (Ordinary National Certificate Level (UK) 1950/1)

Training in N.D.E. (1956 onwards):
John Thompson Water Tube Boilers, Wolverhampton, 3 months training in Radiography. Attended Kodak School of Radiography in 1958 for Class 1 pressure vessels and castings. Further training in Ultrasonic, Magnetic and Penetrant methods at British Engine, Boiler & Electrical Insurance Company, Manchester in 1964.

Successfully completed NDT 4 course in Ultrasonic Examination of weldments in 1957 and refresher course in 1970 at the Welding Institute, Cambridge, England.

N.D.E Qualifications:
Graduate member of British Institute NDT. Holder of SA Certificate of Competency in Radiography, Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle and Penetrant inspection. Holder of A.E.C. authority in Radiography. Level ll UK by examination (1972) via Hopkinson’s, Huddersfield, England. ASNT Registered Level lll by overseas examination in 1990 and 1991 in Radiography, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant inspection and Eddy Current inspection. (Registration No. KM1244 and current at this time).

Experience in N.D.E:
Radiography on nuclear and conventional power plant from radiographer through increasing grades of responsibilities to site radiologist between 1956 and 1964. With British Engine Boiler & Electrical Insurance Company from 1964 until 1973, finally as Branch Manager, through transfer to South Africa to appointment as N.D.E. Manager in 1977. Appointed Level lll examiner for British Engine in 1976.

Former member of B.S.I. working party on heavy section radiography (1971);
Past Chairman of S.A. Institute of N.D.T.;
Former member of S.A. Competency Testing sub-committee;
Immediate Past Chairman and founder of American Society for Non-Destructive Testing, Southern Africa Section;
Elected ASNT Fellow, November 2000.

Other Achievements:
Presented several papers on non-destructive examination – to the First African Conference on Non-destructive Examination at Nairobi in June, 1994, and to the Fall Conference of the American Society for Non-destructive Testing in Seattle in October, 1996.

Written and compiled courses in Ultrasonic examination, Radiography, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Inspection and Eddy Current Inspection.

Qualified as a Commercial Pilot in 1982 and subsequently passed all ground subject examinations for flying instructor.

Holder of Senior General Examination certificate in Horticulture from the Royal Horticultural Society (UK) 1971.

Successfully operated own N.D.E. training centre, full time since January, 1981.